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"My new little girl (Phoenix) arrived and is everything that I could have hoped for and more. When I opened the box I was stunned to see how saturated in orange she was at such a young age. I am sure that you will receive requests to repeat the pairing of Pele and Vulcan. As always, thank you." - Chris Gibbs, Canada


*Sources for Phoenix Worms, UVB lights, crickets and 20 gallon long starter tanks can be found under Links at the bottom of this page.


  NEWS!!! I was asked to rewrite The Bearded Dragon Manual which comes out in November 2016. This version contains many of our dragons' pics and valuable information to enable you to properly care for your new dragon. Most of the information in this book has never been released in print and will assist both the new hobbyist and new breeder. I strongly recommend this book for you or the dragon crazy person in your life! We are selling this book at a special price of 17.95 + 6.45 shipping and any applicable sales tax. To order call 717-359-8669 or email terri@fireandicedragons.com
Picture Collectors  

Policy Update - A few years ago, we were alerted by a large reptile seller about “picture collectors.” These folks do not collect reptiles, but rather, pictures from breeders. These folks ask for every conceivable angle of a certain reptile they want to add to their photo collections. This trend was a huge problem for breeders of snakes and has now hit the Bearded Dragon circle. We receive 1- 3 emails a day with these type of “requests.” Considering the fact that our pictures have copyrights and we take a great deal of time to post one exceptional picture of each For Sale dragon, showing the best and any faults of each dragon, multiple pics are not necessary. Sending multiple pics in the past has never resulted in a sale, proving that these folks are illegitimate. The posted pic as well as our excellent guarantee is enough. This new single pic policy discourages “picture collectors” from robbing us of time that would better be spent helping customers by phone or email or in the actual care of the dragons. We hope you will be aware of these picture collectors. Please make every effort to discredit any out there posting complaints about any quality reptile breeder who cares more about the animals than in helping to expand the illegal photo collection of a picture collector. Thank you. - Management

Rehydration Tip If your dragon has wrinkles in the skin on its sides, it is dehydrated. Since renal failure is a major cause of untimely death in captive Bearded Dragons, make sure he is soaked in a large shallow bowl or container. Misting greens causes bacterial growth so we do not take that approach. We soak our adults and subadults every other day for 15 minutes.
Product Review

Dried Alfalfa Greens

Rating: 5 Stars

Rating System 1- 5
We finally found a good source for dried, cut alfalfa greens. The dragons love this so much their eyes dilate when they smell the greens. We soak the alfalfa and use it as a veggie dip when we hand feed. However, alfalfa can be used sprinkled on greens or veggies. After one month, the dragons are more alert and active. These folks ship Internationally, too. http://www.ladygouldianfinch.com/product_healthgreens.php
 News Read ongoing Q & A on Bearded Dragon Care
 Q & A Q - "How do you keep crickets alive?"
A - Use a big clear tub. No Lid. When the crickets arrive, just open the box, turn it upside down and shake the egg crate and crickets into the bin. The clear bin allows light in so the crickets run into the egg crate not out the bin. Gutload once a day and change that and a source of water. I put a paper towel roll inside. I pick up the roll and shake some crickets into a small round feeding container. Then I dust and feed.
News Read The Dragon Review's interview with Terri for breeders Tips and the behind-the-scenes story of Fire and Ice Dragons. http://thedragonreview.com/
  Q - "Does parazap kill parasites?"
A - The active ingredient in parazap is cloves. Cloves are a natural appetite stimulant. So some bearded dragons may seem better in that they will eat more for a limited time. However, there is no evidence to support that cloves or parazap can kill parasites.

   Poisoning AlertIt has come to our attention that many home improvement stores are selling a houseplant that can cause serious poisoning in pets and children. The plant is called the “Sago Palm” or “Cycad”. All of this plant, including the seeds and root ball are toxic. Signs of illness first appear about 12 hours after ingestion and include gastrointestinal sign such as vomiting, diarrhea and lethargy. The toxins in the plant lead to severe liver failure with progressive weakness, jaundice, bruising and bleeding and other signs of liver failure that lead to death. It is estimated that 75-80% of animals ingesting this plant will die in spite of aggressive medical treatment. If you have one of these plants in your home you will want to be sure to keep it away from pets and children, preferably by disposing of it safely in a covered trash can or “rehome” it with someone who does not have pets or young children in the household. Many thanks to the Burnt Hills Veterinary Hospital for this important information. 

Product Review:

Goliath/ Horn Worms

Rating: 5 Stars

Rating System 1- 5

Go for the Green!

Our dragons love Hornworms. In looking at the Teal colored hornworms versus Green hornworms, we wondered if the nutritional quality varies between the two colors. 

We contacted Mulberry Farms and asked how the chow that is fed to the two different color groups varies in ingredients. The response was that Teal worms are fed chow without chlorophyll.

The Green worms, however, are fed on chow WITH chlorophyll. Since chlorophyll is the property that gives leaves their green color, hornworms fed on chow with chlorophyll would then seem to be nutritionally superior.

When offered both, our dragons unanimously voted for GREEN.  

Product Review:

Repti-Calcium with D3

Rating: 5 Stars

Rating System 1- 5

Finally, there is a calcium supplement with useful directions for administering the product. For years, we had read labels with variations of "sprinkle lightly." There was no way to tell exactly how much product was needed to be effective for a juvvie or an adult. 

Now, the Repti-Calcium label offers the following: "Feed approximately 12 dusted crickets per week for every 2.5 ounces (71 grams) of body weight." Brilliant!

So if you had a 250 gram beardie, Zoo Med recommends feeding about 6 dusted crickets daily (of this product). For anyone who has been putting off the purchase of a gram scale, now is the time.  

In addition, the high surface area of the calcium carbonate particles gives this product incredible "sticking" power, even to superworms. 

Kudos to Zoo Med!   



Dragon Tracks

Feature articles include Preparing for Breeding Season, What To Do This Time of Year, Tomato Hornworms and information on Coccidia. The Q&A sections cover safe ages for breeding females, lack of appetite and types of heat lamps


Dragon Tracks

Read about Brumation, Diet in the Wild, Tips for Assessing Health.



Dragon Tracks

Includes highlights from Dr. Roger Klingenberg's lecture on Bearded Dragon Diseases at the M.A.R.S. show 2002. 

Dragon Tracks

Part 2 of a series. Feature articles include Bearded Dragon Parasites, Crickets: Keeping & Buying, Superworms: Myths & Value, Resources, New Owner Reminders and Beardie Behaviors: Is He Sick?


Adenovirus in Bearded Dragons
Written by reptile veterinarian, Dan Wentz, DMV, this article contains information on this potential health threat. Reprinted with the permission of the International Herpetological Society.







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Bearded Dragon – Care sheet and information on bearded dragon pet care, habitat, vivarium, food, health, breeding and bearded dragon buying tips.
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The Phoenix Worm is the greatest feeder insect in the history of bearded dragons!
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NEWS! REPTILES MAGAZINE, the premier herp mag in the US, has just selected the Fire and Ice Dragons Citrus color morph as #1 of their 15 Best of the Best color morphs of ALL reptile morphs submitted over the past 15 years. The Citrus was the only bearded dragon to receive this award. "We are stunned and grateful to the staff at Reptiles for this prestigious honor, " says Terri Sommella, Owner, Fire and Ice Dragons. Order the Best of the Best in the 2010 Reptiles USA Annual issue.
Supplier to compare prices for UVB lights (Repti-Sun 10.0 flourescent lights)
For $25 Infrared Temp Guns - THE most accurate way to test your beardie's basking & cool spots.